Iconic Archetypes

Firmship is a ship firm designing and building hyper durable private yachts which are stripped from all frills and inspired by iconic archetypes from the past. To emphasize our DNA, we also 'firmship' other hyper durable products from brands who embrace the same philosophy. A Defender car and an AERA watch to start with.

RAL 7035


Friendship, relationship, entrepreneurship, fellowship, partnership, ownership, FIRMSHIP. Casper Vissers (founder of Firmship); “I have a unique relationship with Job Smeets (founder Studio Job) who helped me with making my dream come thru. This entrepreneurship started as a partnership based on friendship and eventually lead to the ownership of my own first Firmship. 16 years further Firmship continues to build firm ships and builds new partnerships with other “firm” brands who make products that last.


It is the love of ships that has left deep traces for Casper Vissers, the founder of Firmship. His mother is from Rotterdam, his grandfather was fond of the port of Rotterdam and built a complete port in an attic room in Kralingen-Rotterdam, including the passenger ships SS Rotterdam and Nieuw Amsterdam. Everything was self-made, from wood. Vissers is fond of icons, archetypes. Landrover Defender, Broke shoes, and the classic lines of a ship. "An object should preferably be an icon, or become one," says Vissers. The archetype is a recurring theme in the expressive oeuvre of Studio Job, for that reason Vissers approached Job Smeets.


To build a good and robust ship, you need an experienced shipbuilder. Firmship works closely with a steel and aluminium yacht builder specialist in the Netherlands.

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