The color RAL 7035

light grey

Why RAL 7035 is so important for Firmship:

RAL 7035, also known as Light Grey, is a specific shade within the RAL colour matching system. This system was developed in Germany in 1927 and is widely used in various industries to standardize and communicate colour choices. RAL colours only are used by Job Smeets in his studio Job. Here are the reasons why RAL 7035 specifically is selected by Job Smeets for Firmship:

Neutrality: RAL 7035 is a neutral grey colour that falls in the middle of the grayscale spectrum. Its neutrality means it doesn't have strong undertones of warm or cool colours, making it a versatile choice that can work well with a wide range of other colours. This neutrality makes it an excellent base colour or background choice in design and architecture.

Versatility: Its versatility is one of its key attributes. RAL 7035 can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, making it suitable for a wide range of purposes. Whether it's used in interior design, industrial equipment, transportation, or architecture, its adaptability shines through.


Timelessness: RAL 7035 is a timeless colour that doesn't go out of style. Its subdued and classic appearance means it remains a reliable choice over the years, especially in contexts where longevity and consistency are essential.

Calming Effect: The soft and calming nature of RAL 7035 makes it suitable for environments where a serene atmosphere is desired. This characteristic has led to its use in healthcare settings, where creating a tranquil environment can positively impact patients' well-being.

Professionalism: In many industries, RAL 7035 is associated with professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. This perception makes it a popular choice for enclosures, casings, and branding, particularly in the fields of electronics, machinery, and public transportation.

Compatibility: RAL 7035 pairs well with a variety of materials, including metals, concrete, glass, and wood. This compatibility makes it a practical choice in architectural applications and industrial design

In summary, RAL 7035's neutrality, versatility, timelessness, calming effect, professionalism, and compatibility with various materials contribute to its widespread use and popularity in numerous industries and applications.

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